Friday, July 8, 2011

American Pie Designs Will Soon be at Your Favorite Quilting Store!

I just received fantastic news this morning that American Pie Designs has been accepted for wholesale distribution by Pattern Peddlers and my quilting, wool applique and punch needle designs should start appearing in your favorite quilting stores soon!  If you don't happen to see my patterns the next time you buy fabric, don't be afraid to tell them you want them to carry American Pie Designs.  I'm very pleased to work with Pattern Peddlers and look forward to a long and happy relationship with their great team!

My designs will also appear at fall Quilt Market in Houston Texas on October 29 through 31, 2011.  I'll be posting more information on Quilt Market in later posts, and you can stay tuned for updates by entering your email address in the red "Follow this Blog" link in the left-hand column of this blog.

Of course, with Quilt Market hovering near, I'll be turning out new quilt and wool applique designs like mad over the next few weeks.  If you're interested in knowing when new designs are released, be sure to join my very private and very safe mailing list (left-hand column again).  In the meantime, shhhhh, I can't drop more hints about what's in store, but I know you're gonna love what you see!

Be sure to check back tomorrow because I'll be posting great instructions on how to do "big-stitch" quilting.  It's a wonderful and easy way to hand-quilt the the top and bottom of your quilt around yummy 100% cotton batting.  I love the look that cotton batting gives to my quilts, and I particularly love big-stitch quilting.  I can take my project with me anywhere and the result lends a wonderful, homey finish to my quilts that I can't obtain with machine quilting.  You'll be able to view these full-color instructions on your screen or print them for later reference!

We'll, I'm back to the drawing board and off to my favorite quilting store for fabrics and supplies.  Have a great Friday!  --Melanie