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Rug Hooking Videos

This excellent video produced by Gene Shepherd is perfect for beginners and novice rug hookers. The video covers the types of backings to use, how to cut your wool, hold the hook, make uniform loops, space your loops and rows, and how to begin and end a row of hooking. Beautiful close-up photography and clear instructions will get you on your way to rug hooking in no time!

Hooking Corners is the second in a series of videos produced by rug hooking guru Gene Shepherd. The video is instructive and informative for both beginning and experienced hookers. Excellent close-up photography and clear instructions!

Hooking a Point is the third in a series of videos produced by Gene Shepherd. Hooking a point such as the tip of a leaf or a diamond is easy once you know the simple trick shown in this video. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and are suited for both beginning and experienced hookers.

Hooking a Round Shape is the fourth and final in a series of mini-videos produced by Gene Shepherd. Hooking circles is fun and addicting when you're shown how by this great rug hooking instructor. The video has clear photography and great instructions. Perfect for the novice or experienced rug hooker.

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