Friday, April 11, 2014

FREE PATTERN! - Check Out the Jelly Roll Jam Quilt!

My town is filled to the brim with springtime tulips, bluebells and forsythia, and I thought now is a good time to share a beautiful FREE quilt pattern for the "Jelly Roll Jam Quilt" developed by Sherri McConnell for The Fat Quarter Shop (you can find a link to the pattern near the bottom of this post).

Sherri used a "jelly roll" fabric pack called Giggles by Me & My Sister at Moda, or your can also cut forty 2-1/2-inch wide strips from your favorite Moda fabrics . . .

Jelly Roll Jam Quilt Pattern by Fat Quarter Shop for Moda

The Jelly Roll Jam Quilt is a shortcut quilt that is fast and easy to assemble and looks bright and full of spring.  Don't you agree?  It's also a great project to use up small pieces of Moda fabric from your stash!  I love Sherri McConnell's fabric selections and combinations, and I think these quilts would look wonderful on a table with a bouquet of flowers or in a child's crib. Here's some up-close pics of two versions of the quilt by Sherri:

Jelly Roll Jam Quilt in Pinks and also Blues

Close-Up of Jelly Roll Jam Quilt in Pinks and Yellows

Close-Up of Jelly Roll Jam Quilt in Blues/Greens

If you are like me, I always learn better when I can watch a video.  If that also applies to you, you can see the video of how to make the Jelly Roll Jam Quilt here, or you can click on the television screen below!


Now, if you are ready to check out the Jelly Roll Jam Quilt, just click on the image below and get started . . .

Click Here for  Free Pattern for "Jelly Roll Jam Quilt"

I hope this has inspired you to get excited about a new quilting project, and see how easy it is to use jelly roll fabric packs!  I'm headed back to my workroom to pull out some fabrics and see what color combinations will look best for my own Jelly Roll Jam Quilt.  In the meantime, Happy Stitchin'!  --xoxo, Melanie

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Patterns and New Wool!

In my neck of the world, it's turning into a beautiful spring! There's a street in the old part of town called Harrison Boulevard, which is home to hundred-year-old mansions that line both sides of the road for almost two miles. The center of Harrison Boulevard is neatly divided by manicured islands of grass and trees, and down each side grow tulips, bright yellow forsythia and flowering cherry and plum trees. Our town is encircled by rolling foothills, and higher above, by mountainous peaks. Although here in the valley we're getting temperatures of 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, you can still see snow high above and the area's favorite resort, Bogus Basin, is open and promises powdered slopes for skiers and snowboarders.

With spring bustin' around me, it's hard not to sneak in a stitch or two on one of my new crochet designs for a cute giraffe you can make for your children or grandkids.  Below, you can see the beginnings of his head and fat snout . . .

. . . and then his fat belly to which I will add a loooong neck . . .

The giraffe will have long legs and arms, and the best part is he is all done in single crochet. The pattern will be available soon for only $4.85 in my other Etsy shop, Lollypoppers, and also on my American Pie Website.  I'll keep everyone posted when the pattern is completed!

Coming in May: New Line of Hand-Dyed Wools for Rug Hooking and Wool Applique! I've been working with a fellow designer, Yvonne Buus of Vintage Heart Primitives, who does incredible rug hooking designs. (If you are a rug hooker, you should check out her patterns--you will feel right at home around her beautiful work!)

Yvonne has encouraged me to release my own signature collection of hand-dyed wool that will appear on my website in early May. Most of my collection comes from vintage dye recipes and will be soft, richly colored and consistent. My website will undergo complete reconstruction (which will not please those of you who hate change), and is necessary in order to bring you a great experience when you visit my site. You are going to love the quality and beauty of these hand-dyed wools, and I think you will also like my grand-opening celebration when the wools are released.  More about that later!

Spring is About Turkey Hunting (Uh, Sorta)!  When my hubby and I are done playing in the snow in about a week, we head to the mountains where spring is abundant.  My husband hunts turkeys, which he dearly loves, but I always joke I won't hunt that hard for a piece of bird breast. Instead, I spend my days at the motor home with our two schnauzers, watching the creek run by and photographing hen turkeys that walk into camp. Hen turkeys are safe from hunters, so I get really great pics of the huge birds as they strut past my lawn chair. The best part of my hubby's turkey hunting is I get to spend every weekend for six weeks tending the campfire, eating chips and salsa and working on my hooked rugs, punch needle and wool applique! It is a wonderful time for me, as the hubby comes back to camp around evening, just about the time I am ready to start dinner and build up the fire. It's a wonderful way to spend my weekends, and should result in completion of a few more designs I hope you will like.

Chairman Meow is Almost Finished!  I've posted a couple sneaker pics of my newest rug hooking design, "Chairman Meow", which is loosely based on a grumpy old cat we had for several years. I have the rug about two-thirds complete and hope to release the pattern by the end of this weekend. I love Chairman Meow and think you will enjoy the pattern as much as I do!

Well, I'm headed back to my worktable, and I hope you have a great week.  In the meantime, Happy Stitchin'!  --xoxo, Melanie

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Punch Needle 101 - A Good Tutorial!

When I was kindergarten age, my father drove a milk truck for Triangle Dairy, which was located just outside of town near some corn fields and an old waterhole we called Quinn Robbins Pond. I loved cats and anything furry, but my mother was profoundly allergic. Much to her dismay, my father would periodically bring a tiny kitten home from the hay barn at the dairy, and together we would sneak around trying to hide it from her in hopes she wouldn’t notice.  Usually it would only take a day or two before my mother would find the sweet little stowaway and we would have to return it to the warm straw in the dairy barn.

I'd like you to meet my newest design, "C" is for "Cat", a cute 5" punch needle pattern pre-drawn on weavers cloth.  I think punch needle is fun and easy to learn, and if you haven't dabbled with it yet, now is a good chance to pick up my easy kit and learn this great craft!

"C" is for "Cat Punch Needle Pattern

Pattern Pre-Drawn on Weavers Cloth $13.99  Buy now!
Pattern on Weavers Cloth with DMC Threads  $22.50  Buy now!

Optional Equipment:
Ultra-Punch Needle $19.95  Buy now!
Morgan 7" Non-Slip Punch Needle Hoop $10.50   Buy now!

Are you ready to learn punch needle?  Click on the picture below for my free tutorial on punch needle.  It's in PDF format, so you can read it now or save and print it for later. Please feel free to share it with friends, on Facebook and in your blogs!

So what's on my worktable?  I'm hard at work on "Chairman Meow", a cute hooked rug pattern that will be available pre-drawn on linen or monks cloth, and you will also be able to get it as a kit with all the hand-dyed wool you need to complete the project.  "Chairman Meow" will be available soon!

That's all for now!  I'm headed back to my worktable to complete a few more kits and get some rug hooking done.  In the meantime, Happy Stitchin'!    xoxo--Melanie

Friday, November 22, 2013

New Pattern Releases and This Month's Winners of the Birthday Club!

I have new rug hooking designs to share with you, along with a cute little 14" standing Santa you can make from wool or wool felt.  I mentioned in a previous post how much I loved sharing pomegranates with my mother when I was a child, so I decided to work that wonderful memory into three rug hooking designs for a bench runner, a table mat and a floor rug. These patterns will come to you pre-drawn on either monks cloth or beautiful hairless linen and you can also get them as a complete kit--just click on the pictures for more information. The bench runner works up real fast and the original model is sitting on a pine bench in our hallway. I'm hoping the in-laws will reek with jealousy when when arrive for Thanksgiving.
Just sayin' . . .

Olde Colony Pomegranate Fraktur Bench Runner (13"x22 Rectangle)

The round table mat is on my rug hooking frame right now and I can't wait for it to be done!  I think it would look great in the center of a table with a jar candle in the middle? This design is also available pre-drawn as a round candle mat or as a full-size floor rug on monks cloth or linen and also as complete kit (again, just click on the pics if you want details).

Olde Colony Pomegranate Fraktur Table Mat (14" Round)

Olde Colony Pomegranate Fraktur Rug (20"x30" Rectangle)

I also want to officially introduce "Belsnickel Christmas" my pattern for a cute 14" standing Santa you can make from wool or wool felt.  I released this as a test pattern in my Etsy Shop a short time ago and it has done well, so now I think it's time to let everyone have a go at it. All the templates are included in the pattern, as well as instructions for "boxing" his bottom so he'll stand up straight, and I hope you enjoy making him as much as I did!

"Belsnickel Christmas" (14" Standing Santa)

And now the news you've been waiting for!  If you're not already a member of my Birthday Club, I hope you'll join! You'll receive a WHOPPING 25% OFF ALL PATTERNS AND KITS DURING YOUR BIRTHDAY MONTH Plus, winners are drawn each month from all Club Members with a birthday that month!  It's sooooo easy to join and costs you absolutely nothing--it's just my way of saying "thank you" to all my friends.

So Who Are November's Winners?  I'm in the holiday mood, so I'm doing an extra-special giveaway in November and December.  This month, TWO LUCKY WINNERS have won their choice of (1) any pattern, (2) any kit, or (3) any rug hooking pattern from my website, drawn on their choice of monks cloth or linen!  Those winners are Kathryn Worley and Paige Hamblin--congratulations ladies!  I'll be running another giveaway for Birthday Club members in early December, so be sure to click here to become a member!

Well, I'm headed back to my worktable.  I'm working on a crazy-cute wool applique penny rug that I think you'll love, plus my rug hooking projects are wrestling for attention.  I'll bet your life is just as hectic, and I hope you are safe and happy.  Until next time, Happy Stitchin'!   xoxo--Melanie