Thursday, June 16, 2011

Starting the Holidays in June!

It may seem early, but it's never too soon to get started on designing for the holidays!  I'll admit it's a bit hard to get the Christman spirit in June when my garden is just starting to bloom, but it takes weeks to get a new design from dream-stage to finished pattern.  I've been working on this little cross-stitch tea towel since mid-April and I figure if things go right, I might have the model finished in another day or so.  It's still in rough stage, but I hope you like it!  Watch this blog or my website at for my announcement when the pattern is ready!

I wanted to share a tiny bit of my garden with you (see? I don't just sew all day!).  We had such a cool, wet spring in Boise that the flowers we normally have in May are just now beginning to bloom.  Even the robins are way behind schedule and just getting their chicks out of the nest a few days ago.  Come on summer!!

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