Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Hunny Bunny of an Easter!

Easter is fast becoming one of my favorite holidays of the year, as I love the bright colors and the kiss of spring in the air. It's hard to find good rabbit dolls in my local crafter malls or on Ebay, so awhile back I got a wild "hare" and decided to design my own.  Oh-my-gosh(!), my first attempts at making the face were horrible! The nose was misshapen and the eyes were too far apart, not to mention the chin didn't have near enough ooomph! But after a couple of weeks, Hunny Bunny came together into a really great pattern that is easy to reproduce.

I worried this pattern might look a bit complicated (but it's not!), so I included lots of extra instructions and photographs.  You can find the finished pattern at

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