Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February Giveaway - Free Beatrix Potter Images for Crafting Projects!

For those of you who following along, I'm having so much fun working on my new Snowy Days candle mat design that I haven't yet finished the easy pattern for it. I can't decide which darned embroidery embellishments look best, so I keep stichin' and ripping out again. It might sound tedious, but I really love the process and hope to have the finished design and the last tutorial for the pattern posted here within the next week. Don't worry, gals, the pattern will be very easy to complete, and it's turning out sooooo cute!

In the meantime, I want to post my February Giveaway that is completely off the beaten path. In between stitchin' and designing, I've been collecting vintage art from the late 1800s and early 1900s that I use for note cards, greeting cards, scrapbooking and, well, you get the idea. For my February Giveaway, I thought you might enjoy two wonderful Beatrix Potter images she created for The Tale of Peter Rabbit , a children's book published in about 1902:

[Click on Image Before February 29 to Download Without "Sample" Watermark]

If you want to check out my entire line of digital downloads, you can visit a little online shop I call "Imagination Kingdom" at These are two of my most popular downloads on Etsy and I'm giving them to you FREE between now and February 29, 2012, just in time to use for your Easter cards, to make iron-on transfers, or to use in whatever way you wish! Sorry, but the links won't work anymore after February 29, so be sure to download them now!  They are in jpeg format and you can get my free instructions on how to download, re-size, print and modify the images to suit your needs by clicking this link: Printing Instructions

[Click on Image Before February 29 to Download Without "Sample" Watermark]

Can you imagine using these images for baby clothes? For name tags on Easter baskets and gifts?  How about for book plates?

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Well, I've got to get back to working on that candle mat design.  In the meantime, Happy Stitchin'!  xoxo--Melanie


  1. Hi Melanie!! Just wanted to tell you that I have all of her stories and watercolors in a large book I bought. My new VW Beetle is named Beatrix! Love the pictures. i am enjoying your hints on FB too. Thanks! Lynn B

    1. I'm glad you love the pictures. It is so cute that you named your VW "Beatrix"! Thanks for commenting--you made my day!