Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Snow" is Big News Here in Boise!

I know lots of you have been buried in snow this winter, but here in Boise we've had quite a dry spell . . . until NOW, that is!  A weird, snow-less winter we've been experiencing has resulted in the ski resort just above town nearly going bankrupt and the snowmobile dealerships wringing their hands.  Apparently, all that is behind us now, 'cause the snow is falling hard, the skiers are headed to the hills, and the hot chocolate is on the stove!  Here's a shot I took of downtown Boise this morning where you can see our oldest high school built in 1935 in the very back of the photo . . . 

I know Boise doesn't look very exciting from this angle, but just a few blocks to the right we really do have a few more structures, such as our state capitol building . . .

and a few office buildings that boast 11 or more stories that old-time Boiseans like to refer to as "skyscrapers" (woo-hooo!) . . .

All of which brings me 'round to yacking again about my soon-to-be-released "Halloween Jacks" candle mat pattern.  I've been stitchin' like crazy and hope to have it finished tonight.  If you've missed out and want to see early pics of the design and how to pre-order at a special discount price, visit these easy links to my prior blogs about Halloween Jacks at and  With the snow visiting Boise for the next few days, I'll use the time to build a warm fire and begin my next couple of designs for fall and Christmas 2012 (yes, I said Christmas), and I'll keep you posted as I work along.

Don't forget to check back on Friday, January 20, for a chance to win a free copy of "Halloween Jacks".  I'll be offering the chance to anyone who is a follower of this blog and/or who leaves a comment.  Details on Friday!  In the meantime, have a wonderful week, and happy stitchin'!  --Melanie - xoxo


  1. I shall be the first to comment on here. Wow! The snow looks nice there. I think a brown winter is sooo boring. Can't wait to see your new stuff on here. Lynn in NE :)

  2. Hi Lynn! I'll enter your name for a chance to win. I hope to have the pattern finished and printed by the end of the weekend, so good luck!